Win Big With These Promotional Products for Sports Lovers

  • Feb 14, 2019

If you’re looking for some awesome gear to support your team—or for some killer merch for your team’s fans—we’ve got you covered with these awesome promotional products for sports lovers! 


1. Classic Cap


Look, nothing says “fan” more than a baseball cap. Snapbacks are still in style, but we’d suggest going the classic cap route this year. They have a better high/low fashion value (you can rock one with most sports-related attire and still look on-point). Sports fans of all ages will appreciate a great baseball cap.


2. Stadium Seat & Blanket


Anyone who has ever braved the non-cushioned stadiums that are peppered across this great nation and beyond knows that they are no friend to your hind-end. Therefore, we suggest that if you are looking for a solid promotional product that can be universally adored, you won’t have much better luck than with a stadium chair. Find a combo that comes with a blanket and you’ll win bonus points!

3. Windbreaker


Your team’s biggest fan walks out of the door and they are fully decked out. They have their favorite hat, lucky shirt, bandana they haven’t washed since 10 playoffs ago. They have it all figured out. Except it totally starts raining. No big deal, next time they’ll have this windbreaker which you can outfit in your team colors and upgrade with your logo. 

4. Joggers


Sometimes, it’s not all about game day. The comfort of being a sports fan is that the love of a team transcends the game itself. A good pair of branded joggers can become a comfort blanket on those slow days at the casa, or they can be a mobile advertisement when fans wear them on a morning jog. Either way, they are fan favorites.

5. Shirt-Shaped Rally Towel



Okay, these are just fun. These rally towels can be printed to look like several kinds of popular sports apparel (baseball, basketball, cheerleading, and custom!) and they can even be designed to look just like your favorite jerseys. They are great for game-day (especially when it’s hot outside and you need a little dab here or there to stay cool).

Looking for more promotional product ideas for sports lovers? Let us know and we’ll get you set up to win big.